How Sexual Predator Statistics Are Wrong

The truth is that most sexual predator statistics are wrong. If you stop for a moment and think about it, you can see why the whole statistic thing is flawed. Although you may be able to get a general idea of an issue, the truth is that the data that makes up the statistics is missing a lot of information.

Accuracy of Reporting

Generally, statistics are made up of police reports and court records. Every six months, or year, or whatever time span is necessary, the platforms that generate the statistics gather data from the regular sources then generate the numbers according to the data that they have. The problem with this is that many of the sexual predators get away with their crimes because nobody reports them. It is extremely difficult to determine the number of victims that fall prey to sexual predators every day. This is why most statistics are far from the truth.

Assume the Worst

Although it may be good practice to think positive and stay in an uplifting mood all of the time, when it comes to the safety of kids it is best to assume the worst. If you see that the sexual predator statistics in your area are high, assume that they are actually much higher than the information that you are looking at. For every convicted sex offender, there could be ten more that never get caught. It is always better to be on the safe side, and be ready to take action than to be unprepared and lost.

Kids Live Safe Sex Offender Reporting

The good news is there is a great organization in place that helps inform parents and guardians about the potential threat of sex offenders.. Not only can you see convicted sex offenders and child molesters in your area, but you can also sign up for alerts and know when new offenders move into your neighborhood. When you sign up with Kids Live Safe you can help your neighborhood to be a safer place for all of the children and any other vulnerable people who could fall prey to a sexual predator.

Find The Truth Quickly

With other sex offender registry databases, all you find in searches is the sex offense that the person was convicted of. When you use the Kids Live Safe databases you can get a whole view of the person you are searching about. Although they may not have any sexual convictions, they could have sex offender arrests or a history of other criminal activity that you would never find elsewhere.

Name and Address Searches

With Kids Live Safe you can search for sex offenders either by name or by a geographical search with an address or a zip code. All you have to do is type in the address and you can see all of the registered sex offenders within a five-mile radius of your address. Finding the truth about your neighbors has never been easier. In these crazy times isn’t it a good idea to have an idea of who is around you and your kids? Check out Kids Live Safe today:

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